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The Battletech Gallery

Battletech has been around for over 30 years. It is a science fiction tabletop game set far into humanity's future. The game features combat between miniature 10 meter tall robots controlled by human pilots. Depicted above is an assortment of the game's playing pierces. This is a light unit featuring (L-r) a Jenner, Stinger, Wolfhound and Valkyrie. The vehicles at their feet are a Savannah Master and two J.Edgar light hovertanks. The game continues to be popular because it features an easy to learn game system with a great balance between skill and luck. Shown above are 4 Chameleon training mechs under construction on my work table. This 50 ton design is generally used to introduce mechwarrior recruits to the complexities of armored combat in the 30th Century.
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