St. Crispin's Irregulars

Battletech Campaign - 2024

Battletech has been around for over 30 years. It is a science fiction tabletop game set far into humanity's future. The game features combat between miniature 10 meter tall robots controlled by human pilots. We are planning a Monday, April 1st start. Depicted above is an assortment of the game's playing pierces. This is a light unit featuring (L-r) a Jenner, Stinger, Wolfhound and Valkyrie. The vehicles at their feet are a Savannah Master and two J.Edgar light hovertanks. The game continues to be popular because it features an easy to learn game system with a great balance between skill and luck.
This Spring we are restarting Darren's Battletech Campaign from a decade past. Please contact Harmon if you would like to play. Draft Campaign Rules
David Selby
The Stormbringers: Your Swift Solution for Mercenary Needs! With our lightng-fast light mechs, we guarantee swift conflict resolutions tailored to your specific mission requirements. From reconnaissance to precision strikes, the Stormbringers deliver unparalleled agility and expertise on the battlefield. Contact us today for efficient and effective mercenary services! [this is neither a guaranty, warranty, or prediction; actual outcomes may vary]
Locust LCT-1E
Stinger STG-3G
Wasp WSP-1A
Wasp WSP-1A
Wasp WSP-1K
Duke Deliduka
Duke's Daredevils
Duke Cunningham Duke Cunningham was the son of a minor noble in the Federated Suns who was tested and found to be extremely intelligent. Duke and his best friend Lawrence (Larry) Bryant were in the top three percent of the New Avalon Military Academy student body during their entire time there. This and the fact that he was a nobleman's son helped him immensely as he and Larry had a bit of a wild streak. They were known to be avid adventurers who never shrank back from challenges; all the while having a propensity for wild parties. They seemed to be constantly getting in trouble; pushing the envelope to see how far it would stretch before it broke. To the relief of many instructors at the New Avalon Military Academy, they managed to finally graduate and were assigned positions in the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns. Their days of getting in trouble didn't end there; Larry and Duke seemed to constantly correct their superior officers; or embarrass them during military exercises. Finally, after serving a minimum time and not getting any promotions or advancements; Duke and Larry decided to leave the military life and form their own Mercenary Company to find the adventure, fame, and fortune that they had always been chasing. LocustLCT-1M
Locust LCT-1S
Javelin JVN-10F
Valkyrie VLK-QA
Jenner JR7-D
Harmon Ward
The New Avalon Institute of Science is a shining example of the resurgence of learning in the Federated Suns. Founded by Hanse Davion the Institute has attracted some of the greatest minds in the Inner Sphere.
Among those is the enigmatic Dr. Buckaroo Banzai and his MechWarrior Battalion, the Hong Kong Cavaliers. One of his star pupils is the technical genius, Gilbert Gerard. Gerard's Grenadiers was founded as a mercenary company in part to field test the recovered technologies and manufacturing techniques discovered by the school. Most of the members of the Grenadiers are accomplished techs and are often found in the repair shops gaining and sharing the practical subjects of Battlemech repair and maintenance.
The Lieutenant who commands the Swamp Gators lance of Gerard's Grenadiers is young and ambitious and ready to prove himself in combat. Since 3034 the Swamp Gators have been training to prepare for deployment from Outreach.
Wasp WSP-1W
Commando COM-2D
Javelin JVN-10F-10N
Wolfhound WLF-1A
John Miranda
Locust LCT-1V
Commando COM-3A
Urbanmech UM-R60L
Panther PNT-9R
Valkyrie VLK-QA
Firestarter FS9-H
Panther PNT-9R
Frank Patterson
Locust LCT-1E
Mongoose MON-67
Spider SPDR-5V
Urbanmech UM-R60
Oscout OTT-J7
Stinger STG-3G
Stinger STG-3R
Spider SPDR-5K
Jenner JR7-F