The Queen's Gallery

The Queen's Gallery was a Victorian Era art and history exhibit at The Muzeo in Anaheim, CA.

This is a copy of our press release image showing the preliminary design of the game table. The Nile River is lined out with brown tape.

The entrance to the theater was decorated with sign that had our clubs name on it and some fresh flowers. We were impressed with this very classy introduction to the theater during the open day festivities.
Queen Victoria and Charles Dickens graced us with their presence and enjoyed the detailed layout of Khartoum and the surrounding desert. They may have been actors, but with H.G. Wells' Time Machine being exhibited in the Carnegie Building next door, we couldn't be sure. Steam Man was there and was also quite impressed with Rod Galati's collection. He is a steam animated "miniature" himself and is 8' tall at 1:1 scale!
This is a copy of the announcement card for the grand opening. Here is the steampunk side. Note that they mention WarGames on the card.